Yarn Care

We recommend a gentle hand wash for all knitted items made from hand dyed yarns, even those made with superwash bases. Superwash yarns can be machine washed on a gentle wool cycle, but repeated machine washing will cause the garments to look 'worn out' a lot sooner. Hand washing will ensure that knitted items remain looking like new for longer. 

All our hand dyed yarns are thoroughly rinsed in Eucalan Lavender Wool Wash until the water runs clear. However, it is possible for some colours to bleed a little, especially very dark and saturated colours. Always wash darker coloours separately for the first few washes. For colourwork projects, we recommend first knitting a swatch using all the colours, then wash and block to make sure there is no colour bleed.

If colour bleed is present in your yarn, soak the garment over night in warm water with a little vinegar or citric acid, rinse until the water runs clear and air dry. Excessive colour bleeding should not happen, and if that is the case please contact us so that we can resolve the issue.